Saturday, July 3, 2010


My Grandma's farm house had a 'sun porch' or 'mud room' at the back entrance, that you would have to walk through, before getting to the kitchen door.  There were always dead animals of some sort, bleeding in the slop sink.  The sight and smell of it horrified me, and I had a habit of turning my head and holding my nose when passing through that room.

I was staying there for a few weeks, with my Grandma, and her then, third husband, Brownie.  Dinner was cooking on the stove, and my grandma told us to come to the table.  It was time to eat.  Grandma told me that I was going to eat something new, and it was going to be a surprise.  As I finished eating what I thought was deep fried chicken, Brownie asked me if I liked what I ate.  I did.  It was different, but tasted good.  As Grandma laughed, Brownie told me to guess what it was that I just ate.

He went into the sun porch and came back with a white fuzzy bunny tail.  With a big laugh, he announced, "You just ate the Easter Bunny!"  I screamed, "Nooooooooo!  Oh, Nooooooooo!"

The more I freaked out, the louder he laughed.  He took the bunny tail, and rubbed my face with it, yelling, "Oh, yes, you did!  Yes, you did!  You ate the Easter Bunny!  I have to call the news reporters and tell them to get over here and take your picture!  You're going to be on television, all over the world!  Your picture's gonna be on the front page of every news paper there is!  The headline's gonna say, you ate the Easter Bunny!  Millions of little kids all over the world are gonna just be cryin' their eyes out!  They'll all be getting up on Easter morning, and there won't be any more Easter baskets, or candy, and no more Easter eggs, ever again!  They're gonna just be cryin' and cryin'!  Now, get in there, to your room, and put a pretty dress on!  Fix your hair real nice, and get ready!  You're gonna be world famous, because you just ate the Easter Bunny!"

He went to the phone and started dialing it.  After a few seconds, he yelled, "Hello?  Is this the news station?  You better get over here right now!  Bring your television cameras!  We got a six year old little girl in here, and she just now ate the Easter Bunny!  Yep!  She sat right here and ate him!"

As he was giving out the address,  I started crying, and told my Grandma that I had to find a place to hide.  She laughed and said, "Brownie, stop bothering that child!  She believes everything you say to her.  Now, leave her alone."

He put his hands on his eyes, rubbing them as he mimicked me, crying.  "Waaaaaaaaah!  No more Easter Bunny! Waaaaaaaaah!"  Grandma kept laughing, and telling him to leave me alone.

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  1. Cruelty. Vicious vicious cruelty, disguised as teasing. A violent world that no one is acknowledging.